About Bicycle Magazine

Docharkhe and tabiat magazine debuted at 2014 as the only specialized bicycle magazine in Iran and with the support of its owner, Mohammad Mehdi « Mahyar » Khakban, who had more than two decades of experience in professional cycling and advertisement, reached the top in no time. Starting from 2016, docharkhe and tabiat magazine stopped its physical publishing on paper in order to support the saving of nature and trees. Therefor, all the information, scientific articles and training have been published online and free for the users.
As a result of these operations, docharkhe and tabiats website has been the most popular and most searched bicycle related website in all the Iranian servers.
We are proud to be the host of thousands of Persian speaking users that visit our website everyday.


Postal code: 1983817911 tehran, iran
tel: 00989123931371
Email: mag.docharkheh@gmail.com

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